May Your 2018 Be Healthy and Prosperous

It’s 2018. We made it!!!

My hope and my heart for you is that 2018 be your year. That you are healthy and prosperous in 2018. Writing this morning, I am reminded of a verse from the Bible.

3 John 2:1

Dear friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way and are in good health, just as your whole life is going well.

That would be my prayer, my hope, my dream for you this year. That you grow, and realize health and wealth, as your whole life is going well.

We sit on the cusp of changing history for the better. I have been through a New Years or two (62 of them to be exact!😀) and I think I know the signs of a good one.

Partner with Positivity

This year we have the opportunity to partner with an upcoming better outlook and truly, change the world. Though we have the opportunity to bring change, the question will become, “will we”.

I shared a statistic the other day, I had recently read. “Ask 50 people to help, 14 will say ‘yes-I need more info’ and 2 will actually help.” Now some of it may be mistrust for the one asking, the job it entails and perhaps a few more details. I personally believe that the people who are liking our Facebook page, following us and sharing our message, want more. (YB-WhenUCanB+ ?) They want to be part of the change. That they will crush that statistic.

Over the years we have experienced eras of Hope & Change, others of Mope & No Change. Let’s make 2018 ALL HOPE-ALL CHANGE. Let’s become Hope Dealers. Let’s Rope Hope and Arrange Change. That once we see the Hope, we embrace Change and move ahead with goodness. (By the way, goodness is not telling everyone they are wrong. We do not want to become the “positivity posse”. But, that we can insert ourselves in “negative” circumstances and be the positive influence.)

I want my children and grandchildren to remember this time as the greatest one we have ever encountered!

I hope you share your hopes and dreams for a better future and others catch it.

May 2018 be more than you could ever imagine.

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