Love Makes The World Go Round!

Jimi Hendrix talks of love and hope
Jimi Hendrix talks of love and hope

Love makes the world go around!

Happy Friday!

Today is National Love People Day!


Every year on September 30th is National Love People Day. The purpose of the day is to show love to everyone – no exceptions. National Love People Day tasks us to display unconditional love, which many have never experienced. But, when we genuinely love our neighbors and express it with kind words and thoughtful deeds, we make the world a better place. It is the true meaning of “love your neighbor as yourself”.

On National Love People Day you get the opportunity to LOVE EVERYONE – yes EVERYONE; law enforcement, your neighbor, office staff, people from all walks of life, no matter race, creed or color. The only requirement for this day is to LOVE, no exceptions!


Your daily thought!

“Your dreams don’t work unless you do.” John C. Maxwell


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