Make New Friends, But Keep The Old. One Is Silver And The Other, Gold.

Climbing the rocks
Climbing the rocks at a local playground

We are asked to make new friends… and yet…

“I have no friends.”

Did you ever hear a child say that? A friend. Or maybe you said those words.

When you are a child, having a disagreement with another child, being bullied or moving may seem like “life” is over. I went through it. I imagine you did too, most likely. (I am more than willing to admit I was engaged in “next” following the loss of a friend. I would be devastated for a day or so, but I think I bounced back. Part of it was the dysfunction, I grew up with. Not good, but the reality.)

My parents only moved once during my youth that had effect. From an urban area to a rural area. (Going from houses touching each other to dairy farms.) After our move, my parents allowed us to reach back to a few friends but after their family’s bankruptcy, something happened.

When I moved states away. I left a friend or two behind, but I still had friends. And I build new

Over the years, I carried some friends from school days and I have built a lot of friendships in the 20 to 30-year realm.

BUT, I had to put some energy into relationships and whole lot of time into changing me.

Friends are important.

Today I read an article titled Survey: Average American Hasn’t Made A New Friend — In 5 Years! I had viewed the study a few months ago and being summer and lots of grandchildren, I put off my thoughts until reading it today.

To my generation (I am 64-years-old.), I am sure we think “how can that be” but I recognize things today are different. We can joke about cell phones, computers, etc., and thinking we are “connected” when we really aren’t in meaningful, healthy ways.

For many years, I have said “social media” is a blessing and a curse. You can be “connected” and yet, never plugged in with other. You can view and not participate. Social skills are different, and we place more emphasis on texting, than we do on face-to-face encounters.

I understand that many are “shy” and perhaps those of us who aren’t, need to be a bit more encouraging and helpful. Some say it is the places people frequent, moves, family and social media.

I think if we learn anything from this, is that rather than wait for the next survey, what is it we can do to prevent it happening? What is it I can do to help others is one of my personal questions.

Without knowing where we are, let’s things move ahead as they are.

Why do I promote local events around the country, talk about young people (And older people.) making a difference? Because that is often where friendships begin.

What events are you participating in that are bringing people together? Could you invite someone? Reach out to a neighbor?

To help with the process, I am adding this link to the article, 10 Tips to Make New Friends.

Why is this so important? Because of new friendships aren’t being made it is not about a statistic, but about continued division and disappointment in our country.

Let’s stop with trying to control what we can’t and let’s begin with what we can.

“I could do that!”

Lee is the 64-year-old owner of Positive News For You. Married, with children and grandchildren, he is on the lookout to make things better for others.
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