More Great Food In Keene – Discover Your New Culinary Journey

Luca with Charcoal Charlie at CC&Ds
Luca with Charcoal Charlie at CC&Ds

Luca Paris and Videographer Gavin Key are back with some new videos of their visits to the Monadnock area restaurants.Today’s journey takes them to Winchester, Peterborough, and Keene!  

Check out the latest in the series, Discover Your New Culinary Journey, driving around with Luca!

CC & D’s Keene, NH

Luca checking out the quality of the smoked meat

Luca checking out the quality of the smoked meat

On North Street, tucked away in the corner of Keene… 

CC & D’s

Charcoal Charlie. Catering, events, popups and more. A third-place winner in the world of Barbecue! Award-winning! 

(As someone who has eaten their food, well, I am slightly biased!) 

Smash burgers made from beef brisket. 

Lots of smoking here. (And they smoke with maple, cherry, and hickory, each one with a purpose!) 

Watching Luca with his classic drip on the chip. 

(Last week I was at a chamber meeting they catered and let us just say, “GO TRY THEIR FOOD!”)

Luca’s Mediterranean Cafe

Tammy Garcia of GFA Credit Union and Luca visit the restaurant started and ran for 22 years. 

A dream of Luca’s since 14-years-old, he had a couple of other places before he moved to Keene, NH, and started Luca’s Mediterranean Café

Today they sit with Kaycie Meyerrose, the General Manager.  

Kaycie was a guest for many years, as she said for date nights and all occasions, and she wants the folks who visit to feel as comfortable as her family did. 

They served Luca and Tammy Nathan’s Algerian Pea Chicken, Luca’s favorite (You must watch!), Pasta Bolognese (His mom’s recipe.) Cavatappi, beef, pork, and veal. 

Luca eating at Luca’s.  



Luca and Tammy Garcia from GFA Credit Union visit Tempesta’s in Keene NH. Talking with Jimmie about how he and his wife, and their son, Jimmy brought this new restaurant into play. 

Jimmy shares how they began their first restaurant in Winchester, moved to Swanzey, and up into Keene. This was their 5th place. 

(For years, I went to their previous place JimEddies.) 

And this place (The former Willie Macs) is easily one of the largest restaurants in the area.  

My wife and I were there this past weekend for our 30th anniversary. Great food and great service. (We had the baked haddock stuffed with crab, hers with shrimp and mine with scallops.) 

When you watch the video, Jimmy talks about the passion that has been in their lives since the beginning, with his son having the same passion. (Young Jimmy is working 12-14 hours.) That he considers it is home, a place he is happy being at the restaurant. 

Luca and Tammy take on ribs, coleslaw, and Texas inspired brisket. 


There you have it! The most recent offerings from Luca and Gavin. Each week they will be sharing 3 more videos. If you live in the Monadnock region, you may see some new places to discover. And if you live out of the area, you will want to add these to your places to enjoy. 

Take time to watch the series and subscribe to their channel.

Luca Paris in his Olds Cutlass-Phot by Gavin Key

Luca Paris in his Olds Cutlass-Photo by Gavin Key (In front of New England Farm & Distillery)

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