Morgan’s Haunted Mortuary In Kensington Kansas

“This place is really haunted,” said a man going through Morgan’s Haunted Mortuary. He continued to say his sister once lived there.

Kenny Morgan, Debbie Morgan and her daughter, Chantel decided only two months into Debbie’s living in the old mortuary, to do a ‘haunted house.’ Kenny is a DJ for live events such as weddings, and is a nephew of Chantel’s husband.

Closed for business in the early 2000s, the old mortuary in Kensington, Kansas has enough room for such an event. There is a basement, first floor, and upstairs. The basement was Klown Town and the electric chair, and upstairs was the children acting their hearts out, yelling, “Take me with you, don’t leave me here!”{{more}}

Debbie remarked, “I hear ‘help me’ in the night and noises. I sometimes don’ get much sleep.”

Kenny has been a DJ for ten years. He studied at The Recording Workshop and went to Eastern Heights High School in Agra, Kansas in Phillip’s County. He dressed in black top hat and tails and lead some groups through the rooms. Groups of five were led to the ghouls and goblins. The actors were instructed to tone it down when a child was with other people. Otherwise, the adults were given the scare treatment through the dimly lit mortuary.

Working through Friday nights with football games in the area, such as the Kensington Longhorns, and the Smith Center Redmen, Phillipsburg Panthers, and other towns, the crowds came later in the evening. Saturday night was the busiest of nights, which totals five days open for the haunted mortuary. The final night is the Monster Mash for fun only.

The first night on Friday, it poured, and that ended the night. The week of Halloween the weather is predicted to be rainy and snowy.

Sharon Black is from Smith Center, Kansas. We welcome her to our team of volunteers.

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