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Here is Marisa’s October 28th podcast, focused on KINDNESS!

My friend, Marisa has started a Positive News For You, weekly podcast. (Everything is on hold while it gets approved.) We have talked about this for a while and finally it is on its way.

Marisa is an internationally bestselling author, musician, voice over artist and comedic motivational speaker. She has created hundreds of meditations for various apps and businesses across the globe, serving clients across 14 countries, spanning 4 continents. Her motivational performances combine music, comedy and inspirational messages to battle stigma of mental illness and stimulate dialogue. {{more}}

Marisa lives with Bipolar Type 1 and promotes the mindfulness practices that have positively supported her in living with her diagnosis. Her passion for reducing stigma and sharing resources that support mental health is woven into every aspect of her work.

She is the host of the Mid-Day Meditation Pump-Up Podcast, which releases three meditations every week designed to be listened to while at work, walking, cooking, or multitasking any other safe activity to bring you into the moment and align with your emotional center of peace.

Her book, Super Intense, shares over twenty tools on how to live in harmony with emotional intensity so that you may work with it as a superpower, instead of feeling like it’s a weakness.

Here is today’s issue and what it has on it…

Click here to change your day! Listen HERE!

Get positive news updates from around the world each Monday with the Positive News Podcast. This week we hear about…

In this special edition, Marisa Imon and guest host, Kelsey Henry from Positively Delighted, gab about their favorite positive headlines from the week while sharing personal stories.

Start your week off with good news from Imon Love Media, in partnership with Positive News for You (www.positivenewsforyou.com)

See more from Kelsey at https://www.positivelydelighted.com/ and get free coloring book printables and more positive content.

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