Out And About (#4),Unexpected Adventures by Erik Willis

Foodie Erik Willis gets out and about, finding some unexpected adventures, and yes… FOOD.

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Miller State Park Bulletin Board
Miller National Park Bulletin Board

This week my adventure was indeed that. Both places I ended up at were not places I had planned on being. But in reality at least in my point of view oftentimes that is what adventure is meaning… the unexpected.

I was driving towards Bedford to have lunch with friends and as the day would have it I left way too early and I needed to kill some time before arriving at my friends.

I have driven by Miller State Park literally hundreds of times over the years and have never stopped there. That all changed today!
For sake of time, I drove to the summit and then I proceeded to walk to the top of the fire tower and took the picture below. There are many views of Boston and Monadnock and the surrounding hills and mountains. Worth going to the top just for the views let alone the extensive trail system you can hike on.

Oldest State Park in New Hampshire

When I read the sign about Miller State Park I learned that it is actually the oldest state park in NH. I also learned some other interesting history but I would encourage you all to go there and learn about it for yourself. Great destination either for a single person, a couple, or a family.

Miller State Park views
Miller State Park views

From there I went to my friends for our weekly lunch which was wonderful as always. We stayed a bit longer than expected so I headed home rather than going into Bedford to the place I was going to eat.

On my way home I saw a sign for the new restaurant, Taco Time, in Milford NH at 11 Wilton Rd. Their sign implored folks to come to celebrate Cinco de Mayo which I gladly gave obliged.

It’s Taco Time!

The food I had which the pictures don’t really do justice was excellent! Started out with a pomegranate margarita and to further wet the palate I had homemade chips, salsa, and guacamole. I needn’t say more but that part of the meal was fantastic. Then for the main course, I had 3 mahi-mahi tacos served with really well done seasoned rice and refried beans. Totally awesome! Then for dessert, I had a nice piece of tres leches cake. Delish!

The restaurant itself is fairly small but it has a wonderful atmosphere and the customer service was great and the food came out lightning fast. Taco Time is open Tuesday- Saturday. 11-8 pm except for Friday and Saturday they are open 11-9 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday. Lastly, I would like to say that their drink and food menu is what you would expect at a Cocina and Cantina Mexicana. Which means Mexican kitchen and bar in Spanish.

Okay, then that’s all for this week’s edition of Out and About! May your weekend be filled with good food grand adventure and plenty of love!

I definitely will be out and about!

Thanks, Erik for your return. We are greatly appreciative of your work and your love for the food world. We look forward to more of your visits to area fooderies. And let Erik know if you have a fave you would like to see him at.

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