Out And About (#5),New Experiences by Erik Willis

Foodie Erik Willis gets out and about, finding some new experiences, and yes… FOOD.

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Hey everyone this week I am pulling from a few of my experiences during the week to put together my story as I don’t always eat out several times a day on most days. However, it does happen on occasion.

Anyways this past Wednesday I went to Fiddleheads Cafe and had an excellent breakfast. The outside dining was fabulous as the sun is finally starting to come out in full force which to me and many is a very welcome sight.

For your information, Fiddleheads Cafe is in Hancock about 7 miles from where you turn off onto 123 coming from Keene on Route 9. They offer great baked goods, a deli case, great hot and cold sandwiches as well as a great self-serve coffee station. Great place to stop if you are on your way somewhere or quite honestly even as a destination.

Watching the Celtics!

Friday I wanted to take in Game 6 of the Celtics series in a different venue with some different food. My lunch was quite rich in calories so I felt I needed to tone it down a bit for dinner. I had citrus rubbed swordfish steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and peas and carrots. Very healthy meal and the swordfish was positively wonderful. I had this great meal at Tempestas in Keene over by the hotel behind Service Credit Union just off of Route 10 just off the roundabout.

Fiddleheads in Hancock
Fiddleheads in Hancock

I also highly recommend and fully endorse this establishment as well.

Okay, then that’s all for this week’s edition of Out and About. May you eat great food, have a grand adventure, and be filled with love and new friendship in the week ahead!

I definitely will be out and about!

Thanks, Erik for your return. We are greatly appreciative of your work and your love for the food world. We look forward to more of your visits to area fooderies. And let Erik know if you have a fave you would like to see him at.

Erik wanted to share this poem he wrote with you.

Tree Corridors

In my mind’s eye I can see tree corridors 
And they are beckoning me to the great outdoors 
Onto a path of untamed wildness 
Where boys become men and put away childness
I’m running towards it with not a hint of mildness 
I know for a fact that my soul needs an upgrade 
I’m taking it all in and here true progress will be made
A solid foundation will simply be laid 
I have much to learn from nature and its creatures 
In all its wonder and majestic features 
It has much to say to me in words unspoken 
Words to heal parts of me that have ended up broken

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