Sponsoring And How You Can Help

One of the things I believe will come to pass here at Positive News For You is that we will have partners and sponsors to help us promote positive news. People and businesses who believe in what we are doing. Who can get behind our “why” of what we do and help us energize the “how” of what we are doing. To empower us to do more of “what” we are doing.

What is a sponsor? It is someone who believes in our mission first and foremost. That positivity is important. They would be someone(s) who believe a positive message is important to changing families, communities, and environments. They believe their time, talent and treasure will affect change in the business or organization they invest in. This investment helps increase the acceleration of a mission. Their benevolence allows for more of what the organization moves in, increasing their impact and their reach.

Sponsors can get behind events that can quickly touch people and communities.

They are important to the business or organization.

Can I ask you to partner with us? I hope so!

Let’s move to specifics here at Positive News For You.

What can we offer the Individual sponsor?

What can we offer the Business sponsor?

What can a sponsor do? A sponsor can help us get more Positive News out there bigger and better. I hope you will give consideration to it.

For more information on this or our advertising programs here, please fill out our contact form.

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