Time To Relax-Day 1 of Vacation

Hot rods on the main drag
Hot rods on the main drag
Need an old Bronco for the show?

Need an old Bronco for the show?

Our annual vacation. Each year we plan our week away in the Adirondacks to coincide with the Adirondack Nationals, one of the largest car shows in the Northeast in one of the most beautiful areas I can imagine.  

No sooner will the week over than I will be making reservations for the next year! 

Life is too short to not be around all cars, tire smoke, and the smell of gasoline 

We have been getting ready for weeks. 

  • The car is washed, waxed, and vacuumed.
  • Grocery shopping 
  • Laundry and packing  
  • Suitcases, coolers, and such were all pulled out 

Finally, yesterday, while it was raining, the vehicle was gassed up and fully loaded. Jacob completed one of his math classes. The last touch was Jacob’s bicycle on the rack, and we were ready to “go west.” The rain continued, and we are grateful for it, reducing some of the area’s water needs. 

Heading into Vermont, the rain didn’t stop. We did.  Stopped for a coffee (It was bad! 😛 ) and bathroom break, and then crossed the New York State Line. Passing familiar places, we were soon in Lake George.  

Over looking the lake from the main street

Over looking the lake from the main street

Let’s see. We can’t check in until 4. So we parked down by the water’s edge, and after a while, the rain ceased. We walked along the boardwalk.  

We grabbed some pictures of a few older cars and then decided to grab a late lunch. 

We ended up at the Monte Cristo, a restaurant on the main street. The outside was filled so a booth inside it was.

 We ordered sandwiches. A pulled pork sandwich for my wife, a Monte Cristo (in the Monte Cristo) for Jacob, and hot pastrami on rye with sauerkraut for myself.

After lunch, it was raining again, but we did not care…


By now, it was nearly four o’clock and we headed over to the campground. I dodged raindrops and went into the lodge to pick up my key. We drove around to the cabin and did quick work of unloading and getting everything in order. 

Jacob in front of the campground map

Jacob in front of the campground map

We noticed a few things needed to be repaired, and Jacob needed to get some air in his bike tires.  So while walking down the hill,  I hailed a maintenance man in a golf cart. Not only did he agree to do the quick repair, but he told Jacob where to get free air on site and then, after the small repair in the cabin, went over to make sure he found it and did okay with it. (Thanks, Kenny.) 

Jacob rode around the park and came back to tell us about the cars he saw. (Including a Lotus Evora GT.) 

We hung out and crashed on the folded-out couch for the rest of the night.  

Today, we took a ride into town to check out some more cars, pick up a few items, and stopped by the farmers market, 

Yep, day 1 of vacation. Time to relax! 

(And I did. Including 3 naps!)

You can see all our pics from this show and Lake George right here.

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