Too Much Info? Go Outside!

Happy Tuesday
Happy Tuesday

Too much info? Go outside and look at nature!

Happy Tuesday!

Today is Information Overload Awareness Day.



How to Observe Information Overload Awareness Day

Some ways the day can be observed include:

  • Take part in the Information Overload Awareness Day webinar. Check online for information related to this year’s webinar.
  • Work to cut your email output by ten or twenty percent. Avoid “reply to all,” forwards, and any emails that aren’t necessary. Unsubscribe to email lists. Don’t send a text or call someone to ask them if they received your email right after you email them.
  • Move to a place free of distractions to do your work.
  • Cut out multitasking, and focus on one thing at a time.
  • If possible, completely disconnect for the day.
  • Learn more about the Information Overload Research Group.
  • Read Jonathan Spira’s book, Overload!: How Too Much Information Is Hazardous To Your Organization.


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