Support Those Who Are Striving to Finish

Feel good news for Sunday
Feel good news for a Super Sunday

Support those who are striving to finish.

Happy Sunday!

Today is Finisher’s Medal Day!


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  • Support all those you know who are striving to cross the finish line. Frequently a finish line means more than a single goal and getting there accomplishes more than just earning that medal.  It’s a long, challenging road to the finish line.
  • What does crossing the finish line mean to you? Tell us your Finisher’s Medal Day story.
  • Sign up for a race, be it a marathon or a shorter event.
  • Host a marathon.
  • Snap a picture of all your medals and post them on social media.
  • Explore different kinds of foot races.
  • Use #FinishersMedalDay to join the conversation.


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“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”Henry Ford

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