Will you be there?

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I awoke at 3:33 with these words on my mind.

Will you be there?

I pondered it for a moment. I realized it was a real question.

My thoughts went like this.

Will you be there? What can I do? How can I help you? {{more}}

I initially thought about the businesses I go to and the friends I see. I think these may be the questions, all who are in business have on their mind.

“Will you be there” is a real question to ask of those in business. With so many businesses closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, will they survive? I know I want them to be there.

As I gave thought to the question, I arrived at three things, I could do.

  1. The first, was that I would be encourager, when and where I could be to the folks in business, that I know or connect with. That in my personal life I would add prayers and carry the hope that they would be there.
  2. In response to my question of, “what can I do”, I had already decided that I would make purchases, etc., when and where I am able. (Isn’t one of the hopes of the stimulus check that people await, that it would be put back into the local economy, to stimulate it?)
  3. And to the question of “how can I help you”, I need to recognize that first it must be asked. And for business, it may be one of the most important questions they get.
I wanted to go back to sleep, but then the personal side of the thinking began to enter. I thought about all the grandparents who were not seeing their grandchildren. All the parents who had concerns about their children. The children who had concerns about their parents.

It became more emotional as I thought about family and friends. (Even pets. Not mine, but so many others.)

There are real concerns, when it comes to the question of “will you be there”. I have friends who have Covid 19. I have friends with relatives who have it. And when you factor in the everyday illness and sickness, the only answer may be to stay in touch. (Today, I am going to track down a friend who is not answering calls or moving his vehicle.)

If the “will you be here” sticks in my mind, how can I live this day with those that I love, those that I care about?

Checking in with folks is important. It also may be one of the ways to avoid the stress of being cooped up. Here in New England it is the time we look to move from the cabin, and here we are, being asked to stay in. To hear your voice. To see your face on a screen.

The other questions are important, as well.

What can I do? How can I help you? I imagine, just getting a note, a card or a phone call for many is enough. (Just last night I was in an online meeting. There were over 200 people in it. It reminded me, that I am not alone.) This morning I received a text, telling me they had “prayed for me and loved me”.

Earlier this week, I made a video entitled, “It’s OK to ask”, encouraging people to ask for help, to hear a voice, etc. Also, an article I titled, Hearing Voices… It Can Only Help! They were encouragements to stay in contact with folks. I found I had to build a schedule into my phone. People are important. They deserve to be in my schedule.

As grandparents we want to hear from our children and our grandchildren. We want to hear from our friends. The business world is no different. I can’t imagine what it is like to ask people to wait until someone leaves the store, or request someone to wear a mask or submit to a taking of a temperature.

My personal answer to all these questions is, I will pray for you and seek to be an encouragement to you. Whether it is a business or an individual. To help when and where I can.

That is my answer.

I hope yours will be along the same lines.

Will you be there? I want to make sure I am there today, for you.


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