A Hop Over To Frogg Brewing

Frogg Brewing Swanzey, NH Photo courtesy of Frogg Brewing
Frogg Brewing Swanzey, NH Photo courtesy of Frogg Brewing

Hop over to Frogg Brewing

Last night, my wife and I took the time to pay a visit to the new location of Frogg Brewing. They had moved from Marlborough, NH, to the new building they constructed in Swanzey, NH. 

We arrived and there was a nearly full parking lot. As we walked towards the building, live music was playing, from Rust and Ruin, on the covered patio. 

My wife and I do not go to breweries, as she is a wine drinker. But, on a regular basis, Frogg, brings in area wineries to participate in what they are doing. Last night was one of those afternoons, and local winery, Two Fruits and a Nut Farm, were there.  

Brenda and Debi had set up their wares as you walked in the front door. What a beautiful array of flavors and colors! My wife spent time, talking to them about the wines. She ended up with an elderberry wine and purchased a bottle of the Cucumber Lime Mint wine as a gift. 

While talking to Stephanie, one of the owners, I tasted a few of the beers, and chose accordingly. My wife and I took a table out in the back outside seating area. Taking a table, we were able to spend some time together. Many folks were taking part in the food; pizza, chicken nachos, pretzels, and cheese & cracker platters.

Folks who know me, know I love local businesses and what they do to promote community. (Only a few weeks ago I was at Frogg for a benefit car show.) 

But why do people go to local breweries? What are they looking for? Let me share. 

Visiting a local brewery can be a great experience for several reasons: 

Unique and Fresh Beers: Local breweries often offer a variety of unique and freshly brewed beers that you may not find in larger commercial breweries. They often experiment with different ingredients and brewing techniques, resulting in a diverse selection of flavors. 

Supporting the Local Economy: When you patronize a local brewery, you’re supporting a small, independent business. This helps create jobs and contributes to the local economy. Additionally, local breweries often use locally-sourced ingredients, further benefiting the community.  

Community and Social Interaction: Breweries are often gathering places for people in the community. They provide a social atmosphere where you can meet fellow beer enthusiasts, engage in conversations, and make new friends. 

Educational Experience: Many local breweries offer tours and tastings where you can learn about the brewing process, the different types of beers they produce, and the unique characteristics of each brew. This can deepen your appreciation for the craft. 

Environmental Benefits: Smaller breweries often have a smaller environmental footprint compared to larger commercial operations. They may use sustainable practices and prioritize local sourcing, reducing transportation emissions. 

Customization and Feedback: Local brewers are more likely to take customer feedback into account when developing new beers. They may even have special releases or small batch experiments that they want customer input on. 

Events and Activities: Breweries frequently host events, such as live music, trivia nights, or themed parties. This can add an extra layer of entertainment to your visit. 

Exploration of Local Culture: Breweries often reflect the local culture and character. They may incorporate regional ingredients, traditions, or themes into their beer, giving you a taste of the area’s unique identity. 

Less Mass Production, More Craftsmanship: Local breweries tend to have a hands-on approach to brewing. They may focus on quality over quantity, producing smaller batches with a greater attention to detail. 

Potential for Exclusive Releases: Some breweries release special or limited-edition beers that are only available at the brewery itself. This can be a unique opportunity to taste something you wouldn’t find anywhere else. 

I would tell you that Frogg Brewing is in keeping with these values that so many beer drinkers value in smaller breweries. They have great products, a great staff, and lots of events to keep people involved. They collaborate with musicians, and other businesses, and are supportive of the community.  

All those things make for a great local business. 

Frogg has lots of great things upcoming. LOTS of events. And that doesn’t include the birthdays and weddings they are doing there. (Yes, you can do that. And this is a great location for parties.) 

This is a family business with family on its mind. 

Follow them on Facebook or visit their website for more information. (And tell them we sent you.) 


Facebook: Frogg Brewing

Facebook: Two Nuts and a Fruit Farm

Facebook: Rust and Ruin

Remember to enjoy responsibly and be aware of any local laws or regulations regarding alcohol consumption. 

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