Friends, Family, Food, Fantastic Cars and FROGG

Frogg Brewing Annual Car Show with old car
Frogg Brewing Annual Car Show

Friends, Family, Food, Fantastic Cars and FROGG

1965 Ford Mustang with the new Frogg Brewing Building

1965 Ford Mustang with the new Frogg Brewing Building

Last year, I went to an amazing car show in Swanzey. (Right before my travels to Lake George’s car show.) It was great. Small, but fun. On the property of the soon-to-be Frogg Brewing new location.

Again, this year, my grandson, Jacob and I went to the same location, with the new building and home of Frogg Brewing. Again, they were to raise money for American Cancer Society. The 3rd Annual Hops for Hope American Cancer Society Car Show. 

It was a beautiful, bright, sunny day. We arrived there early. There was already a nearly full parking lot and lots of amazing cars. 

I want to say that Frogg Brewing and the people that run it are amazing people. I was introduced to them by a friend who owned a beer tour company. 

From their website. 

We opened Frogg to make great craft beer so that people from all over can come together for a few laughs over some beer and maybe even make some good friends. We also love supporting local and many of our events promote local businesses. 

An amazing person who wrote multiple stories for us, wrote this… 

They are constantly hosting events to help improve it. Even with Country Brew Tours, they are constantly helping me. Educating me on the beer industry and introducing me to new brewers in the area. I asked Stephanie what Frogg’s mission is. She replied. 

“Our mission is to bring great beer to the Monadnock region and partner with local small businesses and vendors to help them succeed and do well.” 

Car shows are one of my favorite places to go. One of the biggest reasons is because they are friendly, and there are friendly people there. 

Yes, car shows are generally known for being friendly and welcoming events. They provide a platform for car enthusiasts to come together, share their passion, and appreciate each other’s vehicles. People often attend car shows to admire different cars’ craftsmanship, creativity, and unique features. It’s also a great opportunity for networking, learning about automotive culture, and making new friends who share similar interests. Additionally, many car shows are family-friendly events, creating an environment where people of all ages can enjoy the experience together. Overall, car shows tend to foster a sense of camaraderie and community among attendees. 

We made our donation and moved inside. The cars shined in the sunlight. The air was filled with music, voices and the sounds of cars moving onto the field. 

Jacob and I take lots of pictures and walk around with purpose. He loves a lot of the small details and especially the look of all the motors. This was one of the first cars we saw. A 2004 Dodge Viper. Right from the get-go, the owner was engaging and even offered Jacob the opportunity to sit in the car! 

Jacob sitting in the 2004 Dodge Viper

Jacob sitting in the 2004 Dodge Viper

We walked around and had engaging conversations with a number of the owners and their families. The histories of the cars began to unfold, and we have arranged for some great interviews to come.   We ended up being there for hours. The weather was gorgeous, and the owners were friendly.  

People who come to car shows, share their passion. And in this case, cars are the conversation starter. Add in the appreciation for the time, the effort, and the creativity. The support for one another is huge. 

Whether it was the owner of a Viper, a Hellcat, a Corvette, or the 50’s classics, people were super-welcoming. This show had about 120 cars in the show, and the people were great. One of the best things about this show, is that your are given 5 tickets to use to vote for your favorite cars. 

And while the show had the visitor choice, there really are no winners or losers; instead, it’s a showcase of vehicles for enthusiasts to admire and enjoy. 

And the educational piece is huge. My grandson loves learning about cars, and the owners are great at helping. 

This show is open to all types of vehicles, from classic cars and muscle cars to exotics, imports, and modified vehicles. This inclusivity means there’s a wide range of vehicles to appreciate, regardless of personal preferences.   

This is a family-friendly events, encouraging attendees to bring their children. This creates a wholesome and relaxed environment where people of all ages can enjoy the experience together.   

Car shows birth community. They often contribute to the formation of local or regional automotive communities. Regular attendees may get to know each other over time, forming friendships and connections based on their shared interest.  

I talk about respect and honor a lot. Enthusiasts at car shows typically respect each other’s vehicles and personal space. There’s an unspoken understanding that attendees are there to appreciate the cars, not to interfere with or criticize the work of others.  

And bring positive and encouraging others? Owners of showcased cars often receive positive feedback and encouragement from fellow enthusiasts. This positive reinforcement can be a motivating factor for car owners to continue working on their vehicles and participating in future events. 

This show was amazing. The people, the cars, the food and drink, and the cars were great. (And this brewery is more than a business. They do a lot of social events.) When it comes around next year, I encourage you to make a visit to this show.  

Older 65 Ford Mustang

Older 65 Ford Mustang, Lee talking with the owner of the red Mustang.

When we were leaving, Jacob and I talked about the friendliness of the folks we met. We go to a lot of shows. This one was a gem. Thank you to all the folks at Frogg, who made a difference. And a personal thank you from me to all the men and women who took time with us.  

Want to see the amazing photos from the SHOW?

Frogg 1

Frogg 2

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Lee at the car show in Walpole NH
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