Blended Families Are Celebrated Today

Family is everything
Family is everything

Blended families are celebrated.

Happy Saturday!

Today is Stepfamily Day.


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Spend quality time together
Use the day and spend some quality time doing what you love to do together as a family — cooking a nice meal, having a games night, watching your favorite family movie and getting take out from your favorite place, and so forth.

Go outside
Take the celebration outdoors. You could plan a family hike followed by brunch, pack a picnic and take it to the park, enjoy some outdoor sports, or even have a sunny celebration by the pool!

Tell them how you feel
We often forget to let our loved ones know we love and appreciate them in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Take this day to sit with your family and let them know how you feel, have that conversation you’ve been meaning to have for a while, or even take this chance to smooth things over if things have been rocky.

And you can check out one of local wineries here in NH The Summit Winery.

Darren at the Summit Winery in the Barrel Room

Darren at the Summit Winery in the Barrel Room

Your daily thought!

“Don’t let perfection become procrastination. Do it now.” —Danielle LaPorte

Today’s Positive News Stories!

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>Jacksonville man holds signs, hands out flowers on Beach Blvd. to remind people they matter

>A comment shouted from a stranger in a passing car saved her life

>California cops give Narcan to dog they say overdosed on fentanyl

>NFL great Warrick Dunn helps welcome another single mother into new home

>Irvine police administer Narcan to puppy they say was overdosing

>Good Samaritan pulls man from burning car in Florida

>Honesty Triumphs: A Costco Employee’s Remarkable Act Of Kindness


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