Another Day In Paradise. Camping and Cars

Beautiful paint jobs make things more beautiful
Beautiful paint jobs make things more beautiful
A beautiful blue convertible

A beautiful blue convertible

This morning I walked alone around the campground. Yesterday, my oldest grandson walked with me and it was good to connect with him. Today, as I walked, I found myself caught up in the beauty of this area. The walk was over too soon. 

Yesterday, I posted an article about being outside for 30 minutes helps you de-stress! 

Camping, whatever your method is about reconnecting with people, sitting outside, and changing your reality. A few years ago one of our writers introduced me to some pretty cool tent camping. I remember tent camping as a child and some of my most fond moments of family are from those times. (Our first real camping trip, put us on an island in the Adirondacks, in a hurricane, and a flooded boat. Everything is better!) 

Classic Camaro Z28 with Supercharger

Classic Camaro Z28 with Supercharger

Yesterday, after Jordan and I went for a walk, we came back to most others still sleeping! But, as my wife got bacon and a blueberry pancake breakfast together, people showed up. After a great breakfast, everyone got ready, and we headed out to the car show.  

“Lee, how do you relax at all?”  

One of my ways is to engage with others. In my case it is family and some of the car owners.  

The car show is on two levels, and we decided to do the lower level. Finding parking in the state campground. We walked along the beach, reading the historical markers, taking pictures of the lake, and just hanging out.  

Burnout Nationals

Classic Camara Z28 with Supercharger

The lower level has all the vendors. Everything from clothing and food to old car parts and more. The “more” is lots of cool cars, lots of people to talk to, and a pretty warm day.  

Because we knew we were going to watch cruise night, we headed back around 2. We came back and made lunch, walked around the campground and sat on the porch. After my wife’s spaghetti and meatballs for lunch, I just sat in the porch chair.  

Around 4, we were heading out. Part of heading out early, was because of what they call cruise night, they were going to close the main road at 5. We were fortunate to find a parking space up on a side street where I knew we could escape from later. (Escape? Yep! This town is packed with people on any weekend, but this one was even more with the tens of thousands of car aficionados.) 

With our camping chairs, cameras, and waters in hand, we crossed the street and found a great spot for the kids to watch from. Setting up our chairs, we waited as the road was closed off and the first of cars to begin.  

For the next few hours, we got hundreds, probably thousands of photos, lots of video, and the smell of gasoline exhaust, and burning rubber in the air. Mariah and Jacob had a ball encouraging drivers to rev engines, do burnouts, and of course blow their horns. I told them they probably do not need much encouragement. (There is now a burnout competition right donwn the road.) 

This show reveals the creativity and inventiveness of America and its people. Throw in some of the theatrics, and you have a killer show. (And remember that so much of what we think is standard on cars began on racetracks and in backyards.) 

Old police car

Old police car

As the night wore on and the sounds got louder, special lights and under glow LED lights were seen and just maybe, the people on the sidewalks cried out to “hold my beer.” 

As it got close to 9 PM, we wanted to get out before the traffic got worse. When we finally made it to the main road, as we headed south to get to the highway, there was over 2 miles of traffic. (And yes, I was encouraged to “light ‘em up.” more than once. Positive News For You Sponsors, you got your money’s worth this weekend. (Let me tell you about the 1938 I am looking at. 😊 ) 

We had to do some grocery shopping on the way home, getting home about 10, and having been up since 4, well it was a long day. 

I love my family and it is fun to see them purse the world of cars with a real enthusiasm.  

Add in the whole camping experience and it is amazing.  

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