Drive Your Studebaker Day? You Bet!

Super Saturday
Super Saturday-Make it a great day

Happy Saturay! Drive your Studebaker?

Today is National Drive Your Studebaker Day!

#InternationalDriveYourStudebakerDay #DriveYourStudebakerDay

How to Observe This Day

Drive a Studebaker

If you own a Studebaker, then Drive Your Studebaker Day is the perfect day to show off your vehicle to everyone. If they care to listen, you can take a step further and educate them on the specific features that make the Studebaker so classy.

Attend a Studebaker chapter event

On Drive Your Studebaker Day, Studebaker drivers around the world organize events where they display different Studebaker models. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about Studebaker cars, mark the next date on your calendar.

Watch videos of Studebaker drivers

If you’ve never seen a Studebaker, you can easily find videos of classy and rare Studebakers on the internet. You can also explore the model designs and how they have influenced the current automobile industry.


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