Can You Say “Be Flexible?”

Jacob in a mean game of UNO
Jacob in a mean game of UNO

Be flexible? Are you kidding? They will take advantage of it!

Since my last writing, Jacob and I have begun to “figure” things out. We have developed a schedule of how things can be done and what might need to be changed. 

If you consider schooling your children, there are a couple of practices that will need to be developed. Soft skills, scheduling, and discipline. 

And while several of Jacob’s classes are online, whatever method you decide to use will be important. 

Without developing a reasonable schedule, you will struggle. So first, you need to decide what amount you will put into this. In most cases, these will be your children (I am schooling my grandson.) and they are super important, but schooling children take a schedule (More to come on soft skills.). Yes, we can be more flexible, but we also need to develop benchmarks that will be met. For Jacob, we worked to develop a schedule, and then incorporated pace charts to make sure we would stay on task. 

Jacob and I have agreed to work about 6 hours a day at school. We factored in an hour of lunch and, of course, regular breaks. Jacob has six classes, and the average class is 3-4 hours a week. 

Flexibility is IMPORTANT.

At first, I was concerned, when things seemed “stuck” or not moving along. At that point, I had to make a major decision. Jacob’s understanding of the topics was more important than the pace or the score. As parents or grandparents, we do not want to become rigid or overbearing. 

Now that you have decided on a schedule, you will have to develop discipline or stickiness to stay in the game. Sometimes Jacob gets involved in a class, and I must remind him to take a break. And last week, I had to spend 3-4 hours of hands-on to help him learn some new study techniques.  

One thing I have learned over the last few weeks is that we all make mistakes. I definitely thought it would be easier, but I soon realized, my ways are not Jacob’s ways. My study habits are not his. So, I have been working a lot on that. 

I would call these soft skills. In the world of schooling, the important ones are adaptability, communication, and willingness to learn. The last one often requires the priming of the pump. Finding something that they are interested in to begin with. 

In our “school” I have had to teach Jacob several things to help him develop better study habits. 

Jacob had a lot of friends on vacation last week, and we modified his week, to allow for that. And he spent the week with his mom, so we had daily morning and afternoon Facetime meetings. 

I am going to tell you that Jacob’s study habits, his learning, and his confidence, have come up astronomically. That alone makes my time worth it all. 

(I would love to hear your homeschool stories!)

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