Did You Know Parents Need A Day Off?

Happy Thursday
Happy Thursday

Parents need a day off.

Happy Thursday!

Today is National Parents Day Off.


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How to Observe National Parents Day Off
If you are a parent, today is for you! While the best way to take part is to take the day off from parenting, that might not be possible. At the very least, do something special for yourself today. Enjoy your favorite meal or drink, take a trip to the gym, watch your favorite TV show or film after the kids go to bed, or start a new book from your favorite author. Make sure to check for press releases and Instagram posts from the folks at Epic for details about this year’s prize giveaway.

And you can check out one of local wineries here in NH The Summit Winery.

Darren at the Summit Winery in the Barrel Room

Darren at the Summit Winery in the Barrel Room

Your daily thought!

“If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realising that you are the author.” —Mark Houlahan

Today’s Positive News Stories!

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>California Costco worker returns envelope containing nearly $4,000 in cash

>Folds of Honor scholarship recipient shares message for grieving families: ‘Continue doing good’

>Bank Decides it Should have Prevented Dementia Depositor from Getting Scammed–So Reimburses Entire Life Savings

>Billionaire Jeff Green Relies on Data to Give Back—and Sometimes Emotion, Too

>94-year-old woman travels across country to say goodbye to 90-year-old sister

>Washington deputy crawls into pipe to rescue injured dog

>30 Wineries Sign Up to Refillable Wine Bottle Service in Oregon

>Burlingame thrift shop manager finds $5,000, returns it to person who lost it

>Ohio cops rescue piglet on side of highway after suspected fall from transport


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