Happy Thanksgiving To All Of You

Thanksgiving Table Setting
Thanksgiving Table Setting

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


Thanksgiving can be a good time! But for many folks it reminded them of loss of family and friends. My hope in sharing is to help you rekindle some things and be thankful. Blessings to all of you! 


As a child, it seemed like everything began to turn towards Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season. Right after Halloween, children would be making crafts in school, learning history related to the season, and putting on plays. 


In my home, my parents would begin to make plans for the groceries that were needed, and the house would start to be decorated with seasonal beauty. As kids, we could tell the changes that were coming. If for no other reason, SCHOOL VACATION! (Certainly in 1963, it was different with the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22.) 


By Thanksgiving, the house would be cleaned, there was wood for the fireplace, and anticipation rose. The family silver would be polished, the special dishes came out, and all the related dining pieces. This meant cleaning gravy bowls, salt and pepper shakers, relish trays, and more. We had the TV guide out planning our watching of parades and the first views of Santa Claus! Macy’s was the biggest, but there would be others. 


Thanksgiving morning, my parents were up early. Like 4-5 early! We would hear them pulling out pans, listening to WELI, drinking their coffee and beginning the meal. 


Most years, it was a 25-30 pound turkey. Making their special stuffings, preparing vegetables, and side dishes. Jars of relishes, pickles, olives, and more came out. The smell of turkey and pies, spices and smoke, filled the house. Candles were lit, breakfast was made, and the first, parades began to appear. No remotes or cable, we filled the living room. Following the parades, we ate lunch and headed out while the grownups watched football, chatted with neighborhood friends who stopped by, and worked on the finishing touches. 


Dinner in my home was around 5. And that was when we all appeared, sitting around the table, expressing thanks. 


After dinner, it was a family effort to clean everything up, pack up foods and wait for the next round! 


Bullwinkle the Mosse in an early Macy's parade

Bullwinkle the Mosse in an early Macy’s parade

The world is different these days on so many levels. I have learned that family is still the most important pieces of all that we do. That it is important to appreciate our families and friends! 


The last few years have been extra tough for so many with the pandemic. So many things that could not be done. One of those things was holidays. 


This Thanksgiving, as I watched young people prepare meals for our area homeless, I was grateful. It reminded me of times when I was broken and without myself.  


Last night I came home to my wife telling me the oven was broken and I knew I had so much to do the Wednesday before. It worked out, and I continued in my gratitude. 


Today, Jacob, my wife and I will finish most of the prepping for the meal tomorrow. My family is coming tomorrow, and I am so looking forward to it. When kids get older, it is often hard to get them all in one place. (And we have always encouraged our children to do what is best for their family.) 


Whatever your days look like this week, I want you to know that I wish you the absolute best. That your holiday would be peace-filled, and you would be able to enjoy it. 


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