Jenna’s Market Comes To Keene!

Jenna and Julie at Jenna's Market
Jenna and Julie at Jenna's Market

Jenna’s Market is going to be a place to go to when in Keene!

No longer will Keene have to ask “where’s the beef” or any other meat!

My grandson, Jacob, and I were on our way to get coffee and a scone. (One of the perks of homeschooling him.) As we drove, I looked over to the right, where we used to go. Elm City Bagel. It was one of the very first casualties two years ago because of COVID. It had been my regular meeting place with many friends and family each week.

As I looked over, I saw the lighted space. I knew it was to become a butcher shop and deli. It was lit up!

Jacob and I went over and had our coffee and scones and then when we left, I told him I was going to pull into the parking lot and look in. As we drove up to the front to park, I saw someone in the window. Of course, I had to check it out.

They were not open, but I was greeted by Julie, (who I found out later was the owner’s mom.) I asked permission to take a picture after telling her who I was. She asked if I wanted Jenna to come out and I ended up with a picture of the owner Jenna.

I asked if it was possible to look inside and I was offered a tour of the place.

I walked in. This place is bright and beautiful. The signage is awesome. And it is super inviting.

To the right, you will see organic products and coolers. They will have produce, herbs, and more. (Check out those lettered crates overhead!) As you walk you will find lots of things for lunch! In the center is a beautiful wooden wine holder that will have suggested pairings along with the wines. On the other side, you will find a deli cooler with Boars Head products!

The sandwich boards are up and the food sounds amazing! Opening at 10 AM, they will be ready for the early lunch crowd. And look at those tables!

And being the butcher shop they are, you will find the meats you are looking for. At the back of the store area, behind the glass, you will be able to see all the work going on.

They will be open on March 17th at 10 AM.

You will not be disappointed.

To Jenna, we welcome you and your business family to Keene!

From Jenna’s website!


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