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Keyboards and more
Keyboards and more

Happy Sunday! Have fun and listen to the music!

Today is Uncommon Musical Instrument Day!


Odd, rare, experimental, and uncommon musical instruments are celebrated on Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day. Celebrants are encouraged to learn about and play these instruments, and even to make their own uncommon instruments. What is considered an uncommon instrument to one person may be one of the most common instruments to another, and what may be an uncommon instrument in one part of the world may be common in another. Really, whose prerogative is it to define what an uncommon instrument is, and what instruments are rare, odd, or experimental? Is a mandolin an uncommon instrument? How about the harpsichord or theremin? Certainly, the guitar and piano aren’t uncommon instruments for most, but for some, they may be. As such, perhaps Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day is best spent becoming aware of any instruments one is personally unaware of.


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“Never let your fear decide your fate.” AWOLNATION, “Kill Your Heroes” 

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