Out And About (#9), Adventures Across the River in Vermont by Erik Willis

Food from the Vermont Country Deli
Food from the Vermont Country Deli

Foodie Erik Willis gets out and about, and heads across the river to Brattleboro, Vermont.

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So this week concluded my first full week living in Spofford and adjusting to that as well as lake life! Sandwiched within that week of course was Independence Day which I spent a good portion of at Lake Spofford which is now only 4 miles from my house. For the 4th I took a trip to the Vermont Country Deli located at 436 Western Ave in Brattleboro. They are open 8am to 6 pm daily and they have great offerings in their deli case and also their bakery case along with making great sandwiches. In addition they have great coffee and a very nice gift shop. I highly recommend you visit if you are ever in the neck of the woods or don’t mind traveling a bit for good food!

After that I went to the lake and witnessed an amazing display of patriotism and competition in the form of flags flying music blaring and no less than 100 boats participating in an all out water fight complete with massive water guns fire hoses 5 gallon buckets and water balloons. I missed my chance to go out and get in on that action! Like they say there is always next year!

I routinely go out with breakfast or lunch with friends on a Friday but this past week that was my first overnight and opportunity to get moved in a bit. So we decided that we wanted to go The Porch Too on Putney Rd In Brattleboro. Much to our chagrine,however, they were closed for an extended holiday so we landed instead at Delightfully Delicious which is just up the road. It is a great breakfast spot and the portion and prices were very reasonable. They are open daily from 7-3 for breakfast and lunch.

So as you can see I was very busy exploring Vermont which is now much closer than it used to be. Looking forward to sharing more adventures with you in that direction in the near future. Until that time may your days be filled with great food grand adventure and the love of family and friends!

I definitely will be out and about!

Thanks, Erik, for your return. We are greatly appreciative of your work and your love for the food world. We look forward to more of your visits to area fooderies. And let Erik know if you have a fave you would like to see him at.

Erik wanted to share this poem he wrote with you.

Eagles Flight 

Today I’m considering the ways of the eagles flight 

I’m not sure where to start because there is so much to write 

It’s a creature of might that is quite a sight 

It can soar to most any height so much higher than any kite 


And have you ever seen it’s majestic dive 

It’s done with the greatest of ease the eagle barely has to strive 

Somehow thinking about this makes my soul thrive 

Quite simply it makes me feel alive 


And with the same majesty it rises with the greatest of ease

And perches itself on the highest of trees 

My vision of that has me saying again again oh yes please

In so doing my soul it does appease 


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