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Happy Thursday
Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday! You and I can make a difference right where we live

Today is National Handshake Day!

#NationalHandshakeDay #HandshakeDay

How to Observe National Handshake Day
Celebrate the day by shaking hands! While this may be an enjoyable exercise to take part in, improving your handshake so you are more confident using it in business and other formal settings is the most important part of the day. Miryam Roddy has suggested the following techniques for handshaking, which you could practice implementing today:

  • Make sure to use eye contact. Giving the person you are shaking hands with your full attention is imperative. Don’t look over their shoulder or at the next person you are going to shake hands with. Instead, give the person whose hand you are shaking a smile.
  • Don’t shake someone’s hand for too long. About two or three pumps of the hands are all you should do.
  • Firmly grasp the person’s hand. Don’t hold it like your hand is a wet noodle, but don’t crush their hand, either.
  • Make sure you aren’t shaking with sweaty palms. But if your hand is sweaty, don’t wipe it on your clothing before shaking, either. It’s best to make sure your hands are clean before you are in a position to shake hands.
  • If you are going to be shaking hands, don’t wear too many rings, especially not sharp ones.
  • Don’t grab a person’s free arm or cover their hand when shaking it. This is not usually part of business handshaking.



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