Out And About (#6), Comfort and Pleasure by Erik Willis

Fireworks Strawberry Shortcake
Fireworks Strawberry Shortcake

Foodie Erik Willis gets out and about, finding some new food experiences in Massachusetts.

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This week’s adventure was over the course of two days and provided a great deal of comfort and pleasure in the form of wonderful food. In between this wonderful adventure, I had the opportunity to hear Phyllis Phelps testimony about how House of Hope NH changed her life 32 years ago and how she now is helping other women and their children find similar hope and healing through Jesus Christ. If you know of any woman stuck in addiction, a bad relationship, or other difficult circumstances, it may be good to reach out to her.

After looking into buying a truck camper which will only serve to increase my ability to adventure I landed at Jeanne’s Family Diner. I had an amazing meal, and as always the service was very good. I had the seafood stuffed haddock with spuds and gravy as well as green beans. It was one of the best seafood dishes I have ever eaten.

Later on in the day, I went to Restoring Eden in Gilsum for a powerful time of prayer and to hear the mission of House of Hope NH which is to help women and their children out of toxic living situations.

For dinner the following night, I went to Fireworks in Keene, which recently was bought and reopened by the former general manager. I rarely visited here when it was open before but that will undoubtedly change after my most recent visit there. I started with a glass of Cab Sauv and bread with oil for dipping. I had wild mushroom risotto for my appetizer, which was simply amazing. For the main, I had potato ricotta gnocchi which was equally as amazing. Then I had the privilege of tasting a bit of nostalgia with the strawberry rhubarb crisp for dessert. My mother, who passed away about 3 years ago, used to make an amazing strawberry rhubarb crisp. This version was a very good rendition of this amazing dessert.

As I finish writing this, I am preparing to watch game 3 of the Celtics. In any case, that’s all for this week’s edition of Out and About. May your week be filled with great food grand adventure and plenty of time with friends and an overflowing abundance of love!

Jeanne's Restaurant-Haddock, Spuds and Green Beans

Jeanne’s Restaurant-Haddock, Spuds and Green Beans

Jeanne's Restaurant

Jeanne’s Restaurant

Fireworks Cab with bread and dipping oil

Fireworks Cab with bread and dipping oil

Fireworks Mushroom Risotto

Fireworks Mushroom Risotto

Fireworks Potato Ricotta Gnocchi

Fireworks Potato Ricotta Gnocchi

I definitely will be out and about!

Thanks, Erik, for your return. We are greatly appreciative of your work and your love for the food world. We look forward to more of your visits to area fooderies. And let Erik know if you have a fave you would like to see him at.

Erik wanted to share this poem he wrote with you.


Thinking about my footsteps the places I have walked
The places I have been and the people with whom I have talked

Sometimes surely I was merely wandering
And my time I was truly squandering
But other times I was simply pondering

But what the world needs now is peace
So with every step I take I will focus on its increase
Whatever it takes to make all wars cease

Wherever there has been a dropping of bombs
I am going to bring healing with the singing of psalms
Proclaiming peace with each step as I stretch out my palms

With an aromatic mix of healing balms

What the world needs now is peacemakers
Terra Firma shakers
History makers

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