Respecting One Another Is Key To Change

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Let’s begin with respecting one another!

Happy Sunday!

Today is National Respect Day.


How to Observe National Respect Day

Celebrate the day by becoming involved to promote respect and prevent violence. Futures Without Violence has started numerous programs with those goals. Teens can join the That’s Not Cool campaign, while coaches can get involved with Coaching Boys Into Men. Those in college can educate themselves about sexual assaults on campuses, and consider becoming involved in the Campus Leadership Program. Adults can have conversations with young people about domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and cyberbullying. Watching a film such as Audrie & Daisy and following it up with a discussion may be a good way to start. You could also donate to Futures Without Violence in order to support their work. If you yourself are a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault, please reach out to get help.


Your daily thought!

“Practice the art of interpreting situations constructively.”


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