Today Is National No One Eats Alone Day

Happy Friday
Happy Friday

Today is No One Eats Alone® Day

Happy Friday!

Today is No One Eats Alone® Day.



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Let no one eat alone

Isn’t this already given, do not let anyone eat alone. Grab a partner and eat with them, and ask a new person around to join you too.

Post on Social Media

The goal is to spread the message as far as possible. Post the message on social media and make it trend so that it gains mass attention.

Talk and sit with someone you don’t sit with

It is okay to sit with your friend and eat, but the goal is to include someone left alone. So, grab a seat with that person, and see where the flow takes you.


Your daily thought!

“You are your own best friend. Never ever put yourself down.” Paulo Coelho

Today’s Positive News Headlines!

>Dad takes toddler son for a manicure after teacher says it’s ‘only for girls’

>A big step in the cure for cancer

>TikTok star, North Carolina college football player honors mother by supporting women fighting cancer

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