Want Some Fun? Throw An Axe!

The question on the table for kids is, Want some fun? Last week was my grandson Jacob’s birthday. I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday. His answer was, “throw some axes. I spoke with his mom and before you know it, she booked 6 spots. 

Keene Axe House in Keene, New Hampshire is owned by Jaime Dyer. I met him last year when he went to do the build-out of the space, next to the Good Fortune Pawnshop. He put a lot of amazing work into it.  

Jacob and his friends
Jacob and his friends

Sign-up is a straightforward process. Head to the website and click on the “book a lane”. After setting up your time and party members, each person must sign a waiver form. (All online.) Minors can throw axes, but parents need to sign waivers. 

The online system will send you reminders so that you do not miss out on the fun. 

Jacob’s Party at Keene Axe House

This is from their Facebook page.

We are located downtown Keene at 116 Main Street. Here, we have 8 enclosed lanes with end grain targets and anti-bounce back borders. We provide a great atmosphere for all ages. Book your Birthday Party, Bachelor/Bachelorette or Corporate Team Building Events.

That day, I loaded my car with all the kids and headed over. We got there, and Jaime and his dog, Dakota, met us.  

Jaime took a lot of time to explain the process from start to finish. He included fun stories, safety tips, and warnings and showed them all how to throw an axe properly. We had 2 lanes and the kids jumped in. For one hour they went. After a little bit of throwing, Jaime explained a competition and the kids jumped right in.  

Fun at the Keene Axe House

Between throwing the kids walked around, petted Dakota and kidded around with one another. The hour came and went.  

Thanking Jaime and Dakota, we headed back for cake and ice cream. 

I asked the kids if they would do it again. A resounding “yes” means we will be there again. 

If you are looking for some fun for a birthday party or just to have some fun, I would tell you this is a great place to be. As a business person, the idea of team building by throwing axes is a great idea. 

Check it out! 


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