Want To Move Ahead? March Forth!

Super Saturday
Super Saturday-Make it a great day


Want to move ahead?

Happy Saturday!

Today is March Forth Day!

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How to Observe March Forth

Some ways you could celebrate include:

  • Reflect on your past and on where you want to go now. Come up with a list of goals to achieve before the next March Forth.
  • Try a new activity, like a sport or hobby, or start a project you’ve been meaning to get to.
  • Create a collage. Shouse has made collages that show how she wishes to March Forth for the following year, which has included travel photos, inspiring words, pictures of books, and pictures of family. She has said of the collages, “I try to put my vision for my higher self on the page.”
  • Encourage others to celebrate March Forth and to follow their own paths.


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