Weekly Wanderings in New England

Good businesses changing the world
Good businesses changing the world

One more day until I take some teens out to the Keene Axe House. (This is where you say, “WHAT???”) My grandson’s birthday party. I took advantage of him being with his mom, to do what I will call “weekly wanderings”. 

Weekly wanderings. Visiting friends and family and visiting some of the area’s small businesses. 

It started by having coffee with a friend of mine whom I work hard to see every week. We have been friends for several years, and since he moved back to NH, I have enjoyed being able to see him. Despite being half my age, we enjoy one another’s company. We talk about family, politics, religion, and all the off and on limit subjects. (We used to do podcasts together on lots of topics, but in the last 6 months or so, we just hang out together. 

A mile of businesses in Swanzey

Came home and decided to go drop off some clothing down at Frugal Market Place. I always like going there to see what is new. Talked to owners Amanda and Drew, about what they are doing with their business and The Swanzey Market Mile project they have been working on. 

From their Facebook page, “Route 10 in West Swanzey New Hampshire. 1-mile stretch filled a collection of independent retail stores, services, great eats, sweet treats, and some good brews! Our stores collectively have everything you need for a fun adventure-filled shopping trip.” 

They and others are working hard to give people a mile of shopping experience. 

We talked about some of the things they have planned to make the shopping fun. Keep watching! 

And look for the article that we will be doing on Andrew, about sports cards and memorabilia, Magic and Pokemon cards. 

I came home and grabbed my camera and went downtown to see my friend, Luca (CEO and Director of the Greater Keene and Peterborough Chamber), as well as taking some pictures downtown. 

Making a decision to make it better

There are many small businesses making decisions to be more than a business. Businesses and groups are doing what they can to promote business and create event-filled experiences.  

I would like to hear from you about some of your favorite businesses and why. 

And there are some of you out there who have your own experiences, your own meanderings, and wanderings. I am sure others would like to hear about them. 

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For folks on the outside:

  • Let them know through your “likes, shares, comments and invites”.
  • Visit their places of business when you can and let them know you like what they are doing.
  • Spend money with them when you can as a tangible “like”.
  • Invite others to play. (What business(es) do you want to see playing?
  • And for all of us, let’s embrace some of the fun going on.

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