Don’t Give Up Hope

Jimi Hendrix talks of love and hope
Jimi Hendrix talks of love and hope

There are lots of things that are not positive, even some that could be called evil in our current day. War rages in Ukraine, COVID is not over, the economy is tough and well… You know what I mean. Not positive at all. But, don’t give up hope! 

While all this is going on, there are bright lights shining and more are starting to light. People were always making a difference, but more and more are bringing their light to the forefront. Acts of benevolence, kindness, and love. 

A couple of guys, Burt F Bacharach and David Hal, in the 60’s penned these words, “What the world needs now is love sweet love. It’s the only thing that there is just not enough of. What the world needs now is love sweet love. No not for just for some but for everyone.” 

And a young woman, Dionne Warwick, sang it with soul. (The Sweet Inspirations sang it in 1968.) 

Dionne sings What The World Needs Now

We need that song to be more real than ever before.  

A lot of this reminds me of growing up in the 60s. And that is the reason I look for good people and good things. I know what it is to grow up with people who were afraid and fearful. I also saw the value of coming together in the community. To seek solutions for the challenges at hand.  

Ironically, while I have been homeschooling my grandson, Jacob, we have been going through WWI and WWII the last few weeks. So many similarities. One of the topics was Victory Gardens. Victory Gardens helped win World War II because they allowed the U.S. government to divert scarce tin supplies for military use. They also promoted healthier eating habits, as fresh, home-grown vegetables supplied 40 percent of the produce grown in the United States by 1944. 

Don’t give up hope!

This week, I did not ignore the war. I have had many conversations with young, old, and a whole lot of others in the middle! Conversations about fear, evil, a draft, children, prayer, lack of food, gas prices, and more. The world is concerned.  

Yet, I would tell you there are many who are making a difference in the world for the better. Individually, we may not be able to change the world, but each of us can make a difference where we live. They are brightening the world.  

This week, I shared a story of a 5-year-old who gave all the money (30¢) he had to a homeless man. Another story told of 600 hospitals receiving LEGO MRIs to help reduce fear amongst children. And others talked of innovative technologies in health and energy. More told of the heroic acts of individuals. 

Bright lights where darkness once was. Each day, here you will find stories of people who are making a difference. And others are following their lead.  

Years ago, I authored an article, entitled I Could Do That. We still can! Let us be inspired by the actions of others. Bonnie Tyler, sang to us, I need a hero. Each one of us is capable of being that hero to someone. 

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. 

(I would love to hear your positive stories!)


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