Na na na na nana na BATMAN! Today is His Day!

Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin

Today we celebrate Batman!

Happy Saturday!

Today is Batman Day.


How to Observe Batman Day

Celebrate the day by dressing as Batman or one of his associated characters. Find an event happening at your nearest comic book shop, bookstore, or library. There may even be an author signing taking place! If you don’t feel like leaving your house, you could use the Batman Day activity kit, which has mazes and coloring pages, as well as a utility belt and mask, among other things. You could also spend the day reading Batman-themed comics, watching Batman-themed movies or television shows, or playing video games in which Batman is a character. There are a lot of deals on Batman items on the day, and you could also enter DC’s official Batman Day sweepstakes.


Your daily thought!

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” Bruce Lee 


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