The Light At The End of The Tunnel

Jacob and I are fast coming down to the end of school. Mere weeks remain for Jacob’s freshman year. Hard to imagine. (The fact that he is 15, is equally as hard.) And there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As we come to the end of the year I have had a lot of thoughts about it and the coming years. I have agreed to homeschool him for the duration of his high school years. In part, because of his willingness to adapt, to be flexible, and most importantly, to be diligent in getting his work done. 

The schooling has been good for both of us. Even as we come to the end of the year, he has been offered a job working with animals, so living here is on the horizon. He loves his mom, but he really likes living in Keene.  And if I have one “issue”, it is his willingness to grow up! 

Jacob and his friends
Jacob and his friends and siblings

I admit I have gained a lot by being able to work with Jacob. It certainly keeps me young. It also causes me to realize that the essence of school is not education but the love for learning that arises when an effort is made to help him understand. 

A love for learning.

If you told me he would be making the grades he has in English, I would have been surprised. (Let us be real. He grew up in the Twitter 140-character generation.) He loves history and science, and even though Algebra has not been his favorite he has moved ahead in it. 

We have already begun to look at classes for next year.  

The hardest part about this is that Jacob received a scholarship last year and this year he is not. Not because of home situational changes, but because, the state he is in, is changing things. Add in a school district that does not like “competition” and does not like to sign off, and well, there may be a GoFundMe.(After 2 weeks, they still have not responded to the state’s paperwork.) ? I have promised him and his mom there is no way he is going back to public school. 

Jacob at Paneras
Jacob at Paneras

Jacob does well without the drama, and his social life is by his choice. 

Right now, he and I are focused on the next few weeks. (This has been a really good week of counting off classes.) There is still a lot to do, and of course, the tests and exams that signify the end of the semester.  

Grades only tell a part of the story. 

Jacob’s current grades are far above his last few years. But grades only tell a part of the story. 

I see confidence, a smile, and a willingness to succeed. This opens the doors to confidence in other areas. And he has learned to communicate better, not only with his teachers but with others. Over the years he has always worked to have a good relationship with others and be kind. He loves helping and whoever ends up working with him will be better because of him. 

If we do not cause a student to go beyond (And my teacher friends would agree.) then there is no wonder that young people are just getting by. Not interested in what is being taught to them.  

As we close out another week, I am excited for the next steps of this journey. 

A short interview with Jacob about school.

(I would love to hear your homeschool stories!)

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