Birthday Dinner? Fritz for The Win.

Looking for a birthday dinner? Last week was my grandson’s birthday. Because he was going to have time with his mom for his birthday, my wife and I shared with him that we would do something after the weekend. That would include taking him out for a meal, doing some things with him, and whatever he might want to do. 

Fritz in Keene
Fritz in Keene

Because I homeschool him during the week, we have the flexibility to get out and do things. (He spends his outside time taking pictures, riding his bike and going for walks.) 

Jacob had a great weekend, which included him and his friends throwing some axes in town. He was back to school on Monday, and I asked him if he wanted a meal. His easy answer was “yes” and after completing school for the day, we headed to downtown Keene, to a restaurant with burgers. 

He decided on Fritz at Central Square for his birthday dinner.

A nice location that looks out on the square itself, we sat upfront. (I think Jacob thought it cool that he could watch cool cars and motorcycles.) 

Nacho Fries at Fritz in Keene
Nacho Fries at Fritz in Keene

We placed our order at the counter and went to sit down. Jacob ordered a Caprese Burger (Fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil & balsamic glaze on a grilled brioche roll), my wife a Vermonster Burger (Sugar cured bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, apple, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion & maple mayo on a grilled brioche roll) and I ordered a Jalapeno Cheeseburger (Sharp cheddar and muenster cheese, jalapenos, ketchup & honey Dijon mustard on a grilled brioche roll). My wife order regular fries and I asked for a large order of Nacho Fries (Fries topped with bacon, pepper jack cheese, chopped onion, tomato, corn, Jalapenos & sour cream) 

Disclaimer-Large… Means large.  

When the food came to the table, it looked to be 4 pounds of nacho fries! 

We each loved the burgers and Jacob and I took on the nacho fries. Delicious. The food was good and going back would be easy. 

It reminds me that I am grateful to live in a community with so many great restaurants.  

(And on Wednesday, while my wife was at The Stage with friends, Jacob and I grabbed a Philly steak and cheese pizza at Cheshire Village Pizza!

Where are you going for dinner? 


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