Art, Wine, and Friends. It Doesn’t Get Much Better!

I appreciate a few things a lot when it comes to the business world. Small businesses, food, drink, music, and art are some of my favorites! Put them all together, and it doesn’t get much better!

Handcrafted Wooden Kitchenware
Handcrafted Wooden Kitchenware

Last night, I went to meet a friend at The Summit Winery in Westmoreland. At the time, I did not know they were having a craft show inside the building. I arrived and was greeted by the owner, Darren Horn. Soon there was a glass of Cabernet Franc in front of me. I talked to Darren and another gentleman at the bar. (That conversation may open the door to some new features here at Positive News For You.) 

I saw that the other side was open for the craft show and saw Andrea putting things in place. Andrea owns a jewelry company with her husband and “runs” the Rabbit Ridge Artisans group and the pop up craft fair at Summit. 

Gorgeous handcrafts, art and more

I went over to take some pictures and stopped to talk to her. We talked about some of the cool pieces that were being shown. Glass, leather, wood, jewelry, and clothing.  

Chocolate-covered strawberries?

She pulled out a plate with chocolate-covered strawberries when she went behind the counter. She asked me to try one, telling me that she had made the chocolate. Let us say it was a nice treat and tasted great. 

I finished gathering some pictures and went over to connect with my friend who had arrived.

The Wine List at The Summit Winery
The Wine List at The Summit Winery

We started talking about some of his photos and a new project I have begun, called Find Art For All. While we were talking, the place began to fill up. There was a craft class going on, as well. (The next one is a DIY Leather Wallet Class led by Horse Hill Studio. Donlin Forman is a great guy. (My wife and I talked to him at Christmas about his work, previous career, and home state.) 

My friend and I looked at some of his most recent photos from Lincoln, New Hampshire. While sitting, Andrea came over with more strawberries and some chocolate-covered bananas. Amazing.  

The Summit Winery is the kind of place you want to spend more time.

And their wine? Worth trying. (Last night I tried Gewürztraminer.) The Summit Winery sources grapes from all over the world to bring you the varietals you know and love. Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Red Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon are just a few to start. 

BUT-they also has their own vineyard and buy grapes from other area vineyards.  

If you are looking for a reason to check out some new wine, maybe view some beautiful crafts and just relax, you will want to check out The Summit Winery in Westmoreland, New Hampshire. 

For folks on the outside:

  • Let them know through your “likes, shares, comments and invites”.
  • Visit their places of business when you can and let them know you like what they are doing.
  • Spend money with them when you can as a tangible “like”.
  • Invite others to play. (What business(es) do you want to see playing?
  • And for all of us, let’s embrace some of the fun going on.

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