Cheer Them On To Great Accomplishments

Gardening with kids
Gardening with kids

Happy Thursday! Cheer them on! Kids need our backing!

Today is Hooray for Kids Day!

#HoorayForKidsDay #NationalHoorayForKidsDay

How to Observe Hooray for Kids Day

Spend the day with kids! Take them out for ice cream, play a game with them, or take them to a park. Check to see if there are any Hooray for Kids Day events that you could take them to. For example, children’s museums sometimes host events. Celebrate kids for being kids and for the unique perspective they bring to the world. Maybe Hooray for Kids Day will help you feel a little bit like a kid yourself!


Your daily thought!

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow. It only saps today of its joy.” Leo Buscaglia

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