Happy Monday! Let This Be A Great Week!

Happy Monday
Happy Monday

Happy Monday. Let this be a great week.

Happy Monday!

Today is First Love Day.


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How to Observe First Love Day
Spend the day reflecting on your first love. Who was the person and when did it happen? Is this person still a part of your life? Did the love sustain itself, did it fade away, or did it come to a screeching halt? Are you now married to your first love? Take out old photographs or love letters, or read what you wrote about this person in your diary or journal. This may be a suitable day to seek out your former suitor and reminisce with them about the good times. Maybe your first love can be kindled again, or maybe the flame never died.

And you can check out one of local wineries here in NH The Summit Winery.

Darren at the Summit Winery in the Barrel Room

Darren at the Summit Winery in the Barrel Room

Your daily thought!

“There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you.” —David Burns

Today’s Positive News Stories!

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>Hero Leaps To The Rescue: Daring Riverbank Jump Saves Drowning Girl

>Psychedelic Drugs May Be Able to Treat Brain Injuries, Stimulating New Neurons to Replace Impaired Ones

>Rockies icon Todd Helton helping relieve $10 million in medical debt for Coloradans

>Jacksonville man holds signs, hands out flowers on Beach Blvd. to remind people they matter

>A comment shouted from a stranger in a passing car saved her life


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