Let’s Embrace Common Sense!

Happy Friday
Happy Friday

Embrace common sense? Absolutely!

Happy Friday!

Today is Use Your Common Sense Day.



  1. Spend time in introspection
    This is a good day to spend time reviewing the events of the past with a fresh perspective. This will help recognize areas where you made avoidable mistakes, and help make better decisions in the future.
  2. Laugh, shrug it off, and carry on
    When you do make that silly mistake, laugh and shrug it off as a lesson learned and continue from there. We all suffer from lapses in common sense, and the best way to deal with it is with humor and then making a different choice next time.
  3. Host a common sense meme evening
    Have a blast laughing about silly things people do, and chat about how to avoid making mistakes like that.


Your daily thought!

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”


Today’s Positive News Headlines!

hero saves children from fire

Man rescues 4 children from fire. Credit: Tender Lehman/ Christopher Lehman

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