Revved Up Realities: Unmasking the Grit and Glamour of the Toughest Car Show Around

Adirondack Nationals 2023 Chevrolet
Adirondack Nationals 2023 Chevrolet

Revved up realities is what the Adirondack Nationals Car Show is all about. 

Adirondack Nationals Coupe with Lee admiring

Adirondack Nationals Coupe with Lee admiring

And I am grateful to have been there. (I have been going since 1989.) It was another year in the history books at the Adirondack Nationals in Lake George, New York.

Despite all the naysayers declaring it “canceled” because of the rain. Just the opposite of positive news. 🙂

One of the most exciting parts of a car show is undoubtedly the unveiling of unique, custom, and meticulously restored vehicles. Here are some particularly thrilling aspects:

Rare and Vintage Cars: Seeing rare or vintage cars that you might not encounter in everyday life can be a major highlight. These could include classic models from the early 20th century or limited production vehicles.

This year did not disappoint. Kudos to all the owners and restorers. You made my week! And my album of pictures. You are the best!

Adirondack Nationals Woody Wagon

Adirondack Nationals Woody Wagon

Custom Modifications: Witnessing cars with extensive customizations, such as unique paint jobs, body kits, or engine upgrades, can be incredibly exciting. These modifications often showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of car enthusiasts.

Whether it was a rear-engine pickup or a front-motored Corvair, there were amazing mods shown. Paint jobs were outrageous! My grandson identified one car with paint that is $27,000 a gallon! (That is not a misprint!)

Exotic and Luxury Cars: Car shows often feature high-end, luxury, and exotic vehicles. Admiring the sleek lines, advanced technology, and opulent interiors of these cars can be a thrilling experience.

In the show or out of the show, there were amazing cars. (The show is limited to pre-1979 cars, but that did not stop Jacob from tracking down a lot of crazy newer cars on the streets.)

Adirondack Nationals Olds Cutlass

Adirondack Nationals Olds Cutlass

Hot Rods and Muscle Cars: The raw power and distinctive styling of hot rods and muscle cars have a strong appeal for many enthusiasts. Seeing these iconic vehicles in person can be exhilarating.

Are there any others? Seriously, the sound of thunder makes my day! (Well, and a few burnouts.)

Interactive Displays: Some car shows offer interactive displays, allowing attendees to get up close and personal with the cars. This might include sitting inside, touching the engines, or even starting them up.

Competitions and Awards: Events within car shows like “Best in Show,” “People’s Choice,” or “Customization Contests” add an element of competition and suspense. Watching which cars are recognized and celebrated can be very exciting.

Adirondack Nationals elderly Ford

Adirondack Nationals elderly Ford

It is always cool to see the awards. Congratulations to this year’s winners.

Live Demonstrations and Performances: (Does this mean burnouts?) Some car shows incorporate live demonstrations, such as engine start-ups, exhaust sound-offs, or even small-scale races. These activities can be both thrilling and informative.

Celebrity Appearances: Depending on the scale and reputation of the car show, there might be appearances by automotive celebrities, designers, or industry insiders. Meeting and interacting with these figures can be a highlight for many attendees.

It was great to see Joe and Amanda Martin of Iron Resurrection this year.

Vendor Booths and Merchandise: Car shows often feature vendor booths selling automotive-related merchandise, parts, and memorabilia. Discovering unique and specialized items can be a fun part of the experience.

There were over 200 booths throughout the show with car parts, food, and supplies. Plenty to look at. There is plenty to buy from.

Networking and Socializing: For enthusiasts, connecting with fellow car lovers can be as exciting as viewing the vehicles themselves. Sharing knowledge, stories, and experiences with like-minded individuals can create lasting memories.

This year, some friends joined us for a couple of days. My friend, Richard, has a 70s Ford Pickup with a 429 Cobra Jet. (A cracked flywheel kept him from bringing it. Something about “no rubber left on tires.”)

Remember, what makes a car show exciting can vary depending on personal interests. Some may be drawn to the aesthetics and design, while others might be captivated by the engineering and performance aspects. The overall atmosphere, energy, and passion of the event also contribute to its excitement.

Once again, the show did not fail. Even with a little rain. Friendly folks (Well, maybe not as much on Facebook. 😛 ) with amazing cars and trucks. This is one of the best shows I attend. It is a great family vacation for us. (This year we grabbed a VRBO for the show week and I already booked it for next year’s show.) We come up early, relax a lot, and catch the show and all the action around town.

It seems like people are set upon being contentious about everything, and there are always opinions, but this show works overtime to appeal to family. Kudos to the team that works so hard to put together this event and everything it requires to do what it does. To bring the balance between a town, tourists and the car attending visitors… Well, it can only be a labor of love.

Adirondack Nationals Mint Chip Chevy

Adirondack Nationals Mint Chip Chevy

One of my favorite reasons for attending is family. And when I see young people with parents and grandparents, it thrills me. (Years ago, I planned to build a car with my grandson. Life got complicated, and I have not been able to get there. My home was destroyed, and with it, all my savings and retirement. He is 16, and I am working to accomplish this still.) And because of this, I am going to be writing an article on bringing young generations into the world of cars.

One of my faves was to see John Beam from Keene, New Hampshire, there with his son, a 1955 Chevy that is outrageous, and a pickup truck they worked on that he learned to drive as a teenager. I plan on putting together an interview with John.

The “whys” and the histories of cars are amazing. (If you have a cool story, reach out to me.)

I was at a car show at a New Hampshire brewery, Frogg Brewing, just days before the Lake George show. I love the shows, the cars, and the people.

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Thank you for being part of this.

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Lee at the car show in Walpole NH
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