Saturday Was A Great Day for Monster Trucks

A great day for monster trucks! Yes, it was!

Sometime last month, I asked Jacob his thoughts on going to see monster trucks here in Swanzey. He quickly said “yes”, and I ordered the tickets. 

We had gone last year, and he had a lot of fun, so we were both looking forward to it. The past week, we talked about it. We checked the weather and were grateful we would not need ponchos. (We got those last year and put them in our backpack, but the weather was to be windy, 60 degrees, and some sun. ) 


Yesterday, we had coffee together with my wife and then came home to get ready. We made sure our camera equipment and our phones were charged and we had everything packed. Jacob and I headed out about 12:15 as the general admission gates opened at 12:45.  

4 Wheeler Racing

By the time we arrived and were parked, there were lots of excited kids and maybe some equally excited adults headed to the gates. ? 

The VIP section was open with all the trucks and drivers. There were booths set up for face painting, shirts, food and to get a monster truck ride. Folks were lined up for all of them! 

Jacob and I headed towards the grandstands and found a seat at the top of the seats. We figured it would make it easier for pictures and such. Climbing up, we were seated before 1 and hung out taking pictures and getting ready for the show at 2.  

Start your motors!

The lines of cars coming in were large, and the show was delayed for a bit, but it wasn’t long before the sounds of monster trucks echoed through the stadium. As the trucks pulled into the stadium, the crowd cheered! 

The show was opened in prayer and The Star-Spangled Banner (Sung by a 9-year-old!), followed by “Gentleman, start your engines.” 

Cars to be crushed were buried with berms of dirt. And it was not long before there were wheels in the air and the smell of exhaust fumes in the air. The oldest vehicle was from 1956 and the newest had just been started for the first time the day before. Three-quarters of a million dollars of vehicles were pummeling cars, bouncing over banks of dirt, and racing around the track. 

The only “downside” was we never got to see Aggravated Assault as their truck broke early on. 

Yay for Skid Steers!

I will tell you rodeos have clowns to help and this monster truck had the skid steer! 

Then a change up! One of the truck’s drivers had built his daughter a “mini-truck” and for 6-years-old, she did some pretty good driving. Two Culture Shock vehicles.  

After this, we had three 4 wheelers chasing one another down. This was another cool addition from last year and was well-received. 

More monster truck action and then “tough trucks” showed up. (Check out the videos.) The rest of the afternoon included more of all the above! 

It was a great show for Cheshire Fairgrounds.  

A great day for monster trucks!

Jacob and I look forward to new shows. Check out the photos and videos and next year bring your kids! 

And they’re off!
More wheeler!

The company is called SC Monster Truck Madness. This is from their Facebook page. “SC Monster Truck Madness is a Monster Truck event located mainly in the Carolinas. Specializing in affordable family fun!” 

A short interview with Jacob about school.

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