WIN-WIN-WIN When The River Rises, All The Boats Float

When the river rises
When the river rises

When the river rises the worlds is made a better place.

Nothing is better than a win-win, unless it is a win-win-win. Our new Adopt A Caregiver, is one of those. Caregivers are getting blessed. Restaurants are getting blessed. And the community of Keene is getting blessed.
Each time we receive donations equaling $100, we reach out to one of our participating restaurant/food providers and put them in touch with one of the caregiver groups in town. The biggest winner? The community. The show of respect and gratitude to the caregivers, the help to restaurants and food providers in a difficult time, and the feeling of togetherness when a community is cheering each other on.
When the river rises, all the boats float. As the level of goodness increases in an area, it begins to sweep up others in its movement, and momentum develops.
Currently, we have 4 restaurants we are working with.
Machina Kitchen Art, Luca’s Mediterranean, Royal Spice, and CC&D’s presently are the restaurants we are presently working with. (We hope to add more.)
In just one day we received enough money from donations to kick off the program, utilizing each restaurant and taking care of some great caregivers. (Look below to see how to participate.)
A community coming together on multiple levels. People reaching out to help one another. It doesn’t get much better than that.
Since 1996, in one shape or form, I have reported the news. We do need more good news, but just as importantly, or maybe even more importantly, we need to recognize the good, the positivity going on around us right now.
The other day, I said, “crisis is the incubator of creativity”. In this difficult time, there are people and businesses that are overcoming challenges and making our communities a better place for everyone. My hat goes off to each of you. Thank you for what you are doing to better your hometowns.
When I began Positive News For You, it was because I had suffered electionitis. I had been disappointed by the amount of negativity channeled through media. (All sides. ) My response was to come out and showcase the men, women, and children who were changing the world. Every day for nearly 3 years, there has been a daily display of good news on our site. I have never missed a day. Why? Because the world needs to hear what is positive.
Just yesterday, I was in a video chat with a young businessman in El Salvador. He was excited about what we are doing here with Positive News For You. People need something good to hold onto. Whether it is a child feeding the homeless, a mom making masks, or a man caretaking lawns for the elderly who can not get outside in the season.
We would love to hear your story.
You know where to find us!
Are you looking for a way to give back to the people who are on the front lines of this Pandemic? Are you looking to help someone out who may need a warm comfort food lunch or dinner? Is there a specific team you wish to thank with a meal? Well, now you have the opportunity.
Positive News for You is teaming up with The Keene Restaurant Scene to feed a caregiver or deserving group or individual that you are looking to do something nice for.
Let us organize your donation and meal times with the person or people that you wish to donate food to and we will make it happen.
Please note: This is a singular attempt at helping those who are facing the pandemic on a daily basis. It does not denigrate other workers or “front line” people. And if you have other recommendations and they are within our capabilities, we will honor them. There are many great programs and organizations doing their share. We still continue to work in the areas we have set up as a nonprofit.
  • Paypal-You can make a tax-exempt deduction(Please place a note, that says “Caregiver”. )

    Donate with PayPal button below

  • Send us a check. PN4UINC, 50 Woodburn Street #25, Keene, NH 03431
  • Square-You may use Square for a tax exempt donation(Please place a note, that says “Caregiver”. )
PN4UINC will convey the full amount dedicated and cover ALL fees related. (You may donate additionally to help us with that.
Please let us know if this is “ANONYMOUS” otherwise your name will be given as the donor to caregiver(s).

(Find out how to have your company here. Send us a note.)

Thank you!

If you have any questions, please consult with us.

You can donate here to PN4UINC. You can buy merchandise here.


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For folks on the outside:

  • Let them know through your “likes, shares, comments and invites”.
  • Visit their places of business when you can and let them know you like what they are doing.
  • Spend money with them when you can as a tangible “like”.
  • Invite others to play. (What business(es) do you want to see playing?
  • And for all of us, let’s embrace some of the fun going on.

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(Find out how to have your company here. Send us a note.) Thank you! If you have any questions, please consult with us. You can donate here to PN4UINC. You can buy merchandise here. #ICouldDoThat Want more by Lee?

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