A Smile On His Face Makes It All Worthwhile

Jacob and I
Jacob and I at Lake George

I had just come home from coffee with one of my boys. Jacob was there at the top of the stairs. With a smile on his face, he showed me his history grade. WOW! “You must be so proud of yourself.” It was great to see the smile and the grade! 

He has been studying WWI and WWII and we have had a few conversations about his work. (I love history, so there is a smile on my face as well!) 

Add in that his grades have gone up in this learning experience and it is good he has a smile on his face. 

Jacob (And I.) has experienced a learning curve of sorts over the last few weeks since he enrolled in online learning. He has been a champion, rolling with the difference between online learning and being “in school.” Theoretically, every day could be pajama day! And I do not see the stress about him facing another day.  

In this online class, Jacob cannot ask a teacher by raising his hand, but he sends an email. And it is all classwork with no frills. (We schedule him for a 6-hour day, with an hour lunch in between.) 

Each week we review his “pace charts” and move that information over to a weekly calendar which he follows. Each class is online, either in video(s) or print material. Each class has a set of questions or a quiz and it shows us where he is at and what his progress is, in each class. 

We have made some changes in the curricula, finding better fits, and learning as we go along. 

So, he is getting comfortable (I bought him this little “podium desk” that he can use on the couch, bed, or tabletop, to help and make it more comfortable or “official” as the case may be. ?) with his classes, his teachers, and the program itself. 

And it is a comfort to me to see the progress he is making.  

I am grateful for this opportunity for Jacob.  

(I would love to hear your homeschool stories!)

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