Finding The Sweet Spot In Jacob’s Education

Jacob playing Scrabble
Jacob playing Scrabble with my wife (2019)

Finding the sweet spot. That has been one of the results of week 2 of homeschooling with Jacob. As a guy who loves anything with a motor, I know that every engine has a sweet spot. That place where the motor runs effortlessly.  

This week went better than week 1. And we are both excited about that. ? He had some meetings with his teachers. Made a course switch on one and opened the door for support in another. How easy was the change? Within a few hours of the course conversation, he had a new one in its place and began right away. 

Do you know one of the greatest things that children in school have lost through the pandemic on several levels? Support. It is not that folks did not want to help, but with the craziness of in-school, out-of-school, and more, it became more difficult.  

Jacob told me he feels super supported in his classes. This week, I sensed an “excitement” of sorts in our conversations. A willingness to dive in. A feeling that he was getting it and feeling more confident. 

I am grateful for the support that Jacob is receiving from his school. His teachers and the administration are more than willing to help. 

May be an image of one or more people, outdoors and tree
Jacob ate the apple for his teacher!!!

This week, he has 4 new classes being added to his schedule and already he has begun with “welcome” calls and getting ready for the classes. 

And yesterday, I was talking to a long-time friend, and as I told him, he asked me to send the information to him for his granddaughter. 

Yesterday, I had coffee with a friend, who has her daughter in an online program. She has gone from failed classes to A’s.  

Are there challenges? Absolutely. But overall, it does seem that we have begun to find the “sweet spot” for Jacob. 

(I would love to hear your homeschool stories!)

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