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Hey everyone! Here in New England, it got hot! Not Louisiana hot, but hot enough that a 3-hour motorcycle trip left my feet on fire the other day! But you do not have to shovel sunshine! That is good news!

I wanted to bring you some updates that are going on at Positive News For You.

The first is one that is not seen. It is the massive SEO that has been worked on. With 5,000 pages of content, there has been a lot to do. But organic word searches have increased. (These are found through a google search.) And that is a good thing as people search for news that is positive. Thanks to my friends at eGurus

And by the time many of you read this, another aspect of business will appear. Prior to our moving of 4,500 plus articles, we found the system we had used needed to be overhauled including a lot of changes to menus, advertising, and more. That necessitated us finding new systems, etc. A lot of “old ways” needed to make way for new ones. 

We had three areas I wanted to address for the sake of our readers.  

  • The first was the area of businesses and their ability to advertise and sponsor what we do. This is important not only to cash flow but also to provide our readers with businesses that embrace positivity and what it does for a community
  • The second area was the area of events. We always look to find events that bring people together. (Our nonprofit, PN4UINC, is supportive of positive events and what they do.) And we needed a system that helped with this. Many of these will come from businesses themselves. 
  • And finally, the area of newsletter subscriptions. Many folks like the delivery of positive news to start their day. This is running and running well. (We see 16%-25% each day of each mailing. Pretty high percentage.)  

That are the technical and practical areas that need to be resolved. These are beneficial to our audience, our advertisers, and to our supporters. And we are grateful for your patience in this endeavor. 

Good news for you

Now on to the meat of all we do. NEWS! 

The shift in the economy has caused media companies (Who often treated positive news like an afterthought.) to further reduce visible stories. That makes it increasingly difficult to provide readers with daily stories. (When I began in 2018 it was easy to locate 35-50 stories a day. Now it takes a lot of work to find a fraction of that.) But people are reaching out. And wanting to participate. 

Not only do we have writers like Rachel Cruz, George Kamel, Dr. John Delony, and Ken Coleman, but Erik Willis returned to provide local “out and about” stories that include food, health, and more. Lori Lebel has been bringing stories about art, music, and entertainment. And there is more to come. 

We are in conversations with folks who are thinking about more entertainment, as well as food, wine, and brew. Even a chef coming on board with video education and more. 

Yet, we believe there is more to come. I think we will soon see the Roving Reporters (Much like Erik and Lori.) begin to increase, as well as those Town Criers. And one of the big areas I would hope to see happen is Ambassadors. One from every state. Maybe it is a child for a school project. Possibly a family endeavor. Or that retired person who still feels that there are good things happening and there is more to come. (Sometimes it is simply sharing articles and the like.) 

Positive News For You means exactly that. For you. I hope we see folks who want to share about sports, gardening, and pets. (Think writing, video, and podcasting.) And I hope we see businesses who want to expand their businesses and share what is helpful to others. 

This weekend we will talk about some more great things coming. Think ART! Think Young People.


Tell others about what we do here at Positive News For You.

For folks on the outside:

  • Let them know through your “likes, shares, comments and invites”.
  • Visit their places of business when you can and let them know you like what they are doing.
  • Spend money with them when you can as a tangible “like”.
  • Invite others to play. (What business(es) do you want to see playing?
  • And for all of us, let’s embrace some of the fun going on.

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Thank you! If you have any questions, please consult with us. You can donate here to PN4UINC. You can buy merchandise here. #ICouldDoThat Want more by Lee?

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